Presentación de nuestro compromiso con el medioambiente

Presentation of our commitment to the environment

On November 22th, 2022, Dominio de la Vega announced its commitment to take sustainability beyond its products and meet the needs of present generations without harming the possibilities of future generations. Our historic winery has begun a journey towards environmentally friendly economic and social development that aspires to be a benchmark in the transition from winemaking to organic in the Utiel-Requena region. The new ecological products bear the stamp of a new stage where people are more at the center than ever of our reason for being.

During the intimate presentation event, attended by friends, journalists and close collaborators, the new organic products, corresponding to the youngest wines, were presented. Blanco de María, Rosado de Fermín and Cava Nº1 are the result of the productive effort that began in 2020 and will culminate in a period of 3 years with the presentation of the 100% organic reserves and large reserves.

Acto presentación compromiso con el medio ambiente de Dominio de la Vega

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