Dominio de la Vega Nº1

2020 Organic Brut / Brut Nature

Grape variety 100% Macabeo
San Antonio 2020
12% Vol. 75cl.

Twelve months of aging.

Vineyards grown organically.
Southern area of the Vega del Rio Magro.
Cultivated in a traditional way.

The harvest is undertaken manually under the first rays of sunlight.


Once the grapes arrive at the winery, they are cooled and without being destemmed or crushed, we only separate the flower must (40% yield) avoiding all types of maceration with the skins and oxidative precursors, after decanting naturally for 20 hours it is fermented at a temperature of 16ºC. After fermentation, there are around 60 days of daily stirring of the yeasts giving aromatic and taste complexity, to finish the assembly. In the month of January the tirage is carried out, with a good management of the yeasts in the base of the vat, to enhance and reinforce the fresh notes in its aging. After the first six months of evolving, we stir the bottle to put the lees in suspension and finish with a further 12 months of aging.

Cava that first conquers us with its aromas of ripe fruit, which after a few seconds in the glass delivers notes of dried fruit. Its carbonic quality is appreciated as a fine and elegant detachment from the first moment in the glass, to show us its great integration and creaminess in the mouth, only interrupted by that fresh and slightly bitter endnote.