Dominio de la Vega

Calmy prepared, authentic and expressive
Wine and Cava.

40 decades ago the viticulturist family that founded Dominio de la Vega were the primary participants in creating CAVA from Requena, our region. Right from the beginning (nearly 2 decades ago) they took a gamble by extracting and revealing all the potential that was hidden, in our native BOBAL variety. A quiet job, long and constant (even misunderstood at the start).

Simplicity, humility, experience, professionalism and lots of perseverance are some of Dominio de la Vega’s Characteristic values. In this winery we produce authentic and expressive wines created in calmness, which transmit the essence of our vineyards.

Dominio De la Vega has embarqued upon a new sustainable and organic project led by the designer Inma Bermúdez.