Blanco de María

2021 Organic White wine

Grape varieties Macabeo – Sauvignon Blanc
San Antonio 2021
12,5% Vol. 75cl.

Vineyards grown organically.
Southern area of the Vega del Rio Magro.
Cultivated in a traditional way, in goblet form.

The harvest is undertaken manually under the first rays of sunlight.


Even though the two varieties are processed separately, their processes are very similar. Once the grapes arrive at the winery they are cooled and after being crushed, we let them macerate with their skins for about 6 hours, giving the must a greater aromatic power and flavor extract. After this, we extract only the portion of flower must (50% yield), which after decanting naturally for 20 hours is fermented at a temperature of 18ºC which is then gradually decreased to 16ºC. After fermentation, there are 40 days of daily stirring of its yeasts, giving aromatic and taste complexity, to finish the final assembly and bottling.

Crystalline white wine with greenish iridescence of youth. Intense aroma of fresh fruit, notes of lemon, pineapple and stone fruit, with a slight hint of white flower. On the palate we find a white that without renouncing its tension and acidic freshness, creates a mouthfeel of great sweetness and lenght.