Cava Dominio de la Vega Cuvée Prestige


2018 Brut Nature Reserva8

Grape variety 100% Chardonnay
San Antonio 2018
12% Vol. 750ml.

Ageing on lees minimum 36 months.

Vineyard Pinarejo.

Manual harvesting in 15kgs boxes at the end of August.


The grape bunches are once again selected in the winery. Then the entire grape proceeds to a light pressing in order to extract only the nuances of the grape variety and soil character (structure and complexity). No pressure drain to obtain a 40% yield run off. After a cold decanting and static racking, a slow and controlled-low temperature fermentation takes place. The base cava is then racked into the barrels to start the ageing where the battonage will take place.

After several cuvee tastings, we blend them in order to obtain a base wine that
has complexity, volume and personality. The bottling takes place during the months of January-February. A second fermentation and ageing will take place in our cellars at a mild and constant temperature. Cuvée prestige is manually stacked and the riddling process is made traditionally in our “pupitres” system.

Bright golden yellow colour with smooth and uniform bubble formation.
Very intense bouquet with balance and personality, with prominent mineral and ripe fruit notes such as apple, toasted bread and vanilla that show seriousness and complexity, with smoked and nuts reminiscence. It is an intense long velvety cava to the palate, with a creamy fizz that together with its acidity provides a long and fresh taste.

All sorts of white and red meat, game, spicy stews, fish, cured and smoked meats/fish, cured cheese, seafood and rice.