2019 Brut Reserva Especial

Grape variety Macabeo y Chardonnay
San Antonio 2019
12,5% Vol. 750ml.

Ageing on lees minimum 24 months.

30 year-old Macabeo vineyards of “La Vega”, Chardonnay vineyard from “Finca Pinarejo”. Average height: 750 m.

Manual harvesting.


The Macabeo and Chardonnay plots are selected according to freshness and future long ageing potential criteria. Each variety is elaborated separately. Once in the cellar and after a second selection of bunches, we make a 3 hour cold maceration followed by a gentle press (50% run off). Must is natural decanted and racked off into a low temperature fermentation to respect all its aromatic potential. Part of the base wine is transferred to barrel (French oak) for as long as it is considered in order to provide a fine touch and complexity to the future coupage of the base wine.

Once the corresponding coupage has been chosen, we start bottling the first months of the year. A second fermentation and ageing takes place in our underground cellar at a low and constant temperature.

Light yellow colour with fine and integrated bubbles. Great complex bouquet with pastry reminiscence and fresh hints of white fruit, toasty and vanilla aftertaste. A rounded, velvety feeling in the palate, good volume and balanced fizz. A long, creamy and elegant finish.

Ideal cava with any food or even alone. It pairs perfectly with fish and seafood, any type of rice dishes, appetisers, and slightly spiced white and red meats. Try also with chocolate confectionery.