The magazine Tasted, a prestigious international publication in the world of the wine, published in its last edition an in depth article about Dominio de la Vega.

The writer and collaborator of the magazine David Orange enjoyed a day in the winery, where he had the opportunity to visit the «Casa del Conde», the surrounding vineyards of local varietals and  to taste a wide selection of wines.

Among his tasting notes, it stands out the surprise produced by  the combination of dryness and strawberry notes in the cava Pinot Noir. In Orange´s words, DV Cava Brut Nature Reserva «is really well made and has all the characteristics of an excellent cava». As far as other wines are concerned, he had the opportunity to taste Vino de  Arte Mayor III; David Orange defines the impact of this wine as a «monster» and compares it with the big wines of California.

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