The End

Naturally sweet wine

Variedades Sauvignon Blanc
San Antonio 2022
14% Vol. 500ml.                                                                                                                                                                              Contiene sulfitos.

Viñedo zona de la Vega del Magro y Campo Arcís a 750 metros se altitud.

Manual y nocturna, en cajas de 15 kg, a primeros de agosto.


The grapes are harvested with a high sugar content (270 grams approximately), just when the raisining of the berries begins. Once in the winery, the free- run juice is macerated at 12oC and then fermented at 16oC, stopping the fermentation by cooling when about 90 grams per litre of natural sugars remain.

Natural, without aggressive filtering or stabilisation treatments.

De color amarillo dorado brillante, perfume de fruta fresca (piña, maracuyá, cítricos) con notas de flores blanca y un fondo dulzón (compota de pera). Suave entrada en boca, de dulzor equilibrado y acidez refrescante.

Bright, golden yellow color, fresh fruit scents (pineapple, passion fruit, citrus) with notes of white flowers against a sweet backdrop (pear compote). Soft on the palate, well-balanced sweetness and refreshing acidity.