Blanco de Roberto

2021 Organic White wine

Grape varieties Sauvignon Blanc
12,5% Vol. 75cl.

Vineyards grown organically.
Cultivated in a traditional way, in goblet form.

The harvest is undertaken manually under the first rays of sunlight.

Wine made from vineyards of the Sauvignon Blanc variety and grown organically. This variety grows in the Vineyard called “La Loma”, with a density of 2,200 vines per hectare, grown on trellises with rugged and calcareous soils.
As soon as the grape clusters arrive at the winery, they are cooled to allow the grapes to macerate with the skins for approximately 10 hours in order to extract their maximum aromatic potential before fermentation begins. Obtaining only the flower must for decantation by gravity, after 24 hours it is transformed into wine at a temperature of approximately 17oC. After fermentation, its fine lees are stirred and it is taken to barrels until the ideal balance of aroma and taste is obtained between the wine and the wood, resulting in a great aromatic and taste complexity.
Bright white wine with pastoral tones. Wide range of aromas, where citrus and herbaceous notes, such as fennel, are perfectly combined with a slight hint of white flowers. On the palate we find a creamy white taste with volume but that maintains the freshness of the acidity, which accompanies us during a medium aftertaste.